Fear and Confusion in films Psycho and Carrie Essay

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Fear and Confusion in films Psycho and Carrie

In horror films, there is always one scene that opens up the perceived realm of normality to that of fear and confusion. Directors and authors alike use these scenes to show the change in the pace of the film. In both the movie Psycho (1960) and Carrie (1976), shower scenes are used to mark this epic turning point with sexuality, blood and voyeurism; the most important ingredients to horror.

The idea of sneaking around and peering into forbidden places gives just about everyone a thrill. Voyeurism is used strongly in both Psycho and Carrie due to its ability to entice thrill in the viewer. In Carrie, we start the scene by looking into a girls' high …show more content…

We are then given an extreme close-up of Norman's eye, staring wide into the room; the view we have gives us the thrill of actually being there, watching Marion undress. This method of filming, giving the audience the sight of the forbidden, adds thrill to the important scenes. Thrill only encourages us to watch the movie more intently, on the edge of our seats.

Sexuality also adds a great deal of tension to the two scenes. We watch as Marion drops her robe to the floor and steps gingerly into the shower. Once in the shower, we are given a point-of-view shot of the showerhead, a huge showerhead covering her entire body with clean, warm water, cleansing her of her sins in an almost baptismal way. We are allowed only collarbone-up shots of her in the shower, only hints to her nakedness. We can only imagine what she looks like, giving the audience the same thoughts that raced through Norman's mind as he looked in on her through the peephole. Carrie is also highly sexualized, more so given the fact that more nudity was allowed with the changing times. As we gaze at the different close-up camera shots of her body, we watch as she reaches for the soap. The audience watches as she rubs soap all over her body in slow motion, her face complacent in both peace and pleasure. Carrie then begins to rub her breasts and her inner thigh in a very

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