Fedex Case Study

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In the case of Christopher Polk while working for FedEx, the company has a grooming policy Title VII in place for its employees. The policy is in place for the employees that have direct contact with FedEx customers. The policy states that no employer can discriminate against a person due to their color, race, religion, sex, or nation origin. In addition, Mr. Polk dreadlocks are a connection to his religious beliefs. The policy is a little outdated due to the change within employee’s beliefs and religious practices. Mr. Polk’s employer advise that his dreadlocks are outside of the grooming policy on a “reasonable style” (Bethel, 2017). Christopher was “order to cut his hair or be moved to a different department with lesser pay (Bethel). Because of his beliefs he was fired and ended with a lawsuit against FedEx. He felt that his rights were violated and he sued for religious discrimination. The policy was not violated when he decide to have dreadlocks. It is an extension of his religious beliefs and it should have been treated as such. Other employees were treated the same as Christopher Polk and lost their jobs as well.
The company policy is in place to have rules and guidelines in place as a guide for its employees. The policy is normally found in the employee handbook and it serves as a blueprint to the company’s rules. It also answers the questions that the employee may have about grooming policy, attendance, violations, and how they are handled. “Although limited,

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