Feed: Greed And Consumerism Plaguing Today's World

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M.T. Anderson’s Feed is a commentary on the greed and consumerism plaguing today’s world. We may not be wired into the “feed”, however the constant bombardment of ads to buy the coolest, newest, and shiniest products are everywhere. These attacks come as we are surfing the web on our computers, phones, and other handheld devices, while watching TV, and trying to study or researching an article. To escape the onslaught of ads, we buy commercial free TV and radio, of course, to pay for these conveniences is an indulgence. It is expected in our culture to overindulge on everything: homes, cars, electronics, clothing, and lifestyles. Self-gratification is available with a click of the mouse or the swipe of finger on a screen. As in Feed with

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