An Analysis of the Article, Two Cheers for Consumerism by James Twitchell.

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The chosen article is Two Cheers for Consumerism by James Twitchell. In this article he talks about consumerism, commercialism, and materialism. He argues the stand point of consumers and the role they live by every day. In other hands the critics, Academy, gives the consumers and overview description to their consumers. Twitchell’s claim is the article is that materialism is highly judge by the consumer especially by the Academy. One of his questions is “The real interesting question may not be why we are so materialistic buy why are we unwilling to acknowledge and explore what seems the central characteristic of modern life?”(365 Twichell) It states his claim and the thesis of his argument in this brief question. He wants the reader to …show more content…

Further in the reading Twitchell states personal opinion on commercialism. How it is wasteful and he would rather not have it. “It is heedless of the truly poor, who cannot gain access to the loop of meaningful information that is carried through its ceaseless exchange.” (366 Twitchell) Twitchell shares that “Coke has bought the “pouring rights” in his school.” He is demonstrating that commercialism slowly takes rights from other marketers and society. Twitchell uses a combination of both debate and deliberation. He uses deliberation is his article states that “I realize that while you don’t have to like it, it doesn’t hurt to understand it and or part in it.” Here he is consideration every once stand views not only his. He is debating because he gives statement that come from secondary sources and not his own thoughts, while adding his opinion. Two example of this would be the following quotes: “Consumers with dollars in his pocket are not, by any stretch of the imagination, weak” (365 Twithell) and “To the contrary, they are the most merciless, meanest, toughest marketing disciplinarians I know.” (365 Twitchell) By his choose of words one can say that his audience is well educated, perhaps with a political or philosophical background. People that would like to analyze the situation of commercialism and materialism. In conclusion

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