Fefu And Her Friends Critical Analysis

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In fact, the world of Fefu and her friends is a patriarchal one in which women are degraded and regarded as inferior to men. Under patriarchy, women lost their dignity and even their humanity. As Chris Weedon defines it, patriarchy is the

power relations in which women interests are subordinated to the interests of men. These power relations take on many forms, from the sexual division of labour and the social organisation of procreation to the internalised norms of femininity by which we live. Patriarchal power rests on social meaning given to biological sexual difference. (qtd. in wright 2001, 3) The fact is that in patriarchal societies, women have been debased and humiliated to the extent that they have almost been denied their rights as human beings. They have been regarded as subordinate to men. This prejudice committed against women has deprived them, as Simone De Beauvoir puts it, from ''any sense of their identity''. She maintains:
History has shown us that men have always kept in their hands all
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Women should struggle to put an end to the unjust practices committed against them in male dominated societies in order to attain their rights as human beings. 1n this way, as the French feminist Luce Irigaray remarks ''the masculine would no longer be 'everything' '' (1985, 80). Women's movements, she, contends, ''challenge the forms and nature of political life, the contemporary play of powers and power relations, they are in fact working toward a modification of women's status'' (1985, 81). Eventually, women's constant resistance will convince men that there will be no peace unless they, as Gerda Lerner states, ''free their minds from patriarchal thought and at last [...] build a world free of dominance and hierarchy, a world that is truly human'' (1986,
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