Felipe Dur My Grandfather

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Felipe Duran, my grandfather, the legend in the family, my heart and soul, was born January 23, 1947. Born and raised in Mexico, never had an education, but still managed to be the smartest person I ever met. He is the biggest family man, and such a hard worker, he is always willing to get his hands dirty for the family. Treated everyone with respect and had so much grace. This man has influenced me the most, in so many ways and I will always be thankful for the way he has impacted my life. He is so influential because of they way he thinks, and how he perceives the world. He is influential because of the way he loves, and the way he protects me. He has influenced me the most because of the way he taught me independence and to have confidence in myself. His mind is so beautiful and so unique. He without fail, makes sure to keep me on my toes and is consistently helping me understand concepts in a different …show more content…

He is my protector, he is my safe place. He is the reason why I am so kind to others no matter what. I am still more kind than he is, because he can hold his ground, while I still struggle with that.. He would forever have his arms open to anyone who needed it. Especially with his family, that man loves his family, to him they are the most important. My grandparents had 16 children, they somehow managed to keep them all alive and healthy. He went through so many struggles for them, but he never mind. He and his wife Carmen brought all their children from Mexico all the way to the united states, because they knew the benefits and all the opportunities that their children would be able to have in the US. Never stopped taking care of his family, he has so much pride in what his family has accomplished. My grandparents are considered as an idol couple in my relatives. People of all age love them and respects them a lot. Their main aim of life to my grandpa is to see my family happy and

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