Female And Female Roles And Social Factors

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Until the 1970s, “sex was known as or related to being a male or either a female. It was also referred as the sex roles, sex differences or sex changer operation. People saw gender as being masculine and feminine in certain cultures, like the French and Spanish. Now people see sex in two ways, either in the biological way or the social factors. Johnson explains the differences between the biological way and the social factors and the meaning of a male and female has changed over time and differ by culture. Female and male roles was established by cultural and biological factors by people around the world. It also has to do with the way people were brought up by parents and society as a whole. An early feminist named Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a treatise called “Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” She wrote this arguing that woman and men are basically equal. They may be different biologically, but when it comes to the roles of each one they are the same. She also stated that the roles of society was brought on by society and they aren’t biologically determined (Ojeda 14). Gender has played a role in my life in so many ways. I was always told that by older woman and some males that “girls are supposed to be seen, not heard.” I always wondered what that meant until I got to a certain age. They meant that females are supposed to be loving, caring, and quiet and shouldn’t draw attention to themselves. I was always taught in my history classes that males and females have

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