Female Athletes 's Influence On Women Essay

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It is also believed that female athletes become objectified in the media as an “attempt to limit female power, thereby reinforcing hegemonic masculinity” (Pederson,2002). Mass media and sports are one of the most commanding hegemonic social institutions and there is a strong link between athleticism and masculinity. It is due to this hegemonic masculinity that women, in many ways are considered inferior to men and treated as if they have no place of their own in sports, where only male power dominates. Media “combines notions of feminism and traditional stereotypes of feminity to reinforce male dominance” (Carty, 152) by making female athletes to become sexualised. Even if female athletes try and bring out new ideas on power and strength in the society, they have to take a step back and conform to the patriarchal society and their norms. This takes the society back from any progress made and the efforts of women for equality, go in vain. In order to portray female athlete as a commodity, the media decreases the athletes’ confidence. They give an idea that the athletes are merely “second-class citizens, if not objects” (Liang, Inquiries 2011, vol.3). An athlete must use her body to the demands of the media and public which means that she is not true to her identity. The media’s sexualisation of female athletes takes away their self-esteem and individuality from sports. Media’s sexualisation of female athletes’ unknowingly sets unattainable standards of body for women
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