Female Mill Workers in England and Japan

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The Industrial Revolution was the greatest transformation period in human history. When people think about the Industrial revolution, they think about big steel, machines, and railroads. What’s missing are the exhausted, overworked laborers that operated the machinery that made things run. A prime example is the female textile mill workers from England and Japan. In the textile industry, women and young girls were the main employees. The main reason for this is that nimble fingers were needed to tend the spinning and weaving machines. Originally spinning and weaving were done at home or small spin shops but the Industrial revolution changed that by bringing house spinning and weaving to factories. With the mass production of textiles, …show more content…

They were open targets for the personal whims and sexual abuse by these low-ranking supervisors. What made matters even worse was that owners and managers were more abusive than ordinary workers and they usually had keys to the women’s dormitory rooms. Women had no chance of a decent time at work because of the dominant male figures that ran the factory.

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