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Feminine Beauty

When defining Feminine beauty one must decide in which time to define it. At certain times women have felt repressed by the term, usually due to the beauty business' influence; while at other times Women have found it liberatory: finding it their bonus as females but not their only power. One will also find that a correlation exists between the women's movement, or lack there of, and society's feelings about woman and their aesthetic appearance. A woman's beauty during the 1910s and early 1920's was not an aspect of one's life to be contemplated heavily. Woman pre 19th amendment were more concerned with gaining recognition of their equality then how they looked. Woman felt beauty came from with in and was …show more content…

Hurrah!" (Flapper Jane, 67)

Post World War II1 saw women being oppressed by the beauty industry. Women were subject to what society determined as beautiful. Exquisite movie stars who were curvy and charming, with pale skin, frosted hair, and a seemingly grand lifestyle were the ideal.
" Beauty publicists instructed women to inflate their breasts with padding or silicone, to frost their hair with carcinogenic dyes, to make themselves look paler by whitening their face and lips with titanium-to emulate in short, that most bleached medicalized glamour girl of them all,
Marilyn Monroe" (Faludi, 204) They were pressured to be beautiful at the sake of their health. This is what we might call a backlash. The women's movement it should be noted at this time was almost none existent. Betty Friedan's "Problem That Has No Name" describes what women were feed as what should be done and how to do it:
" Over and Over Women heard in voices of tradition and Freudian sophistication that they could desire no greater destiny then to glory in their own femininity. Experts told them how to catch a man and keep him, ... how

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