Feminism : A Woman Mother Of Two Boys Lived On Of A Farmer

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This quote supports that it is not just Emma Watson standing up for feminism in Hollywood but many voices are being said but not being heard.
Celebrities are not the only ones who are speaking out about how and Watson’s speech or the he fishy campaign has changed their life or the movement. But normal people have spoken up about their experiences of feminism. In an article from the Telegraph a woman mother of two boys lived on of a farm. Before the speech she never really considered herself a feminism then when she had a speech she started to question her life and the role model that she wanted to be for her sons explaining boys do this and girls can’t do this. She then decided to take action and be better feminist role model for her sons
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We have to embrace the problematic trend if we want a chance at change; we have to support the shift if we want a chance at being heard.”(Butler, 2016, online) This clearly states that feminism is becoming popular in so many different aspects of the world such as Hollywood red and fashion and politics.
Two years after her speech at the UN she then did a speech at one Young world. She discussed her experiences after the speech about opening Pandora’s Box about feminism and at best Emma Watson have been realised the criticism that she had to face. However she discussed the positives that came from the speech and the changes that made that she’s found people that she has a lot in common with that feminism she has found her tribe. She made a clear point of that this is of building an unstoppable current feminist movement, gender equality is more important than any other goal because it’s everyone’s goal. She also informs the audience of the scholarship in game in her name which is about the progress of gender equality in the world is. This speech is a clear of her using her feminist theories and her work towards gender equality which is telling theory. A quote about the quality of both men and women as well as the feminist movement which is very much related to what Watson discusses is, “this action has led many anti-liberal feminists to reject rights as fundamentally patriarchal and inappropriate to feminists politics and theory that is interested in equality both among
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