Feminism : A Woman 's Equality Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality

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Jose Romero
Contemporary Composition , Period 3
Ms. Moreh
18 November 2015

Research Paper Feminism is a woman 's equality of political, social, and economic equality to men. People are scared of accepting everyone as an individual human and not categorizing them as male or female. The question is if men and women are really judged equally when it comes to jobs, and the answer should be no. Women shouldn 't have fewer opportunities nor get paid less than a man because they should both have equal rights. Feminism is a huge problem that should be fixed because everyone deserves equal opportunities. There are many careers and jobs in the world where mostly men have taken over but we need more women to be a part of those careers. Women should be able to stand up for themselves and believe they can do anything a man can. Everyone deserves and should obtain the same opportunities in any type of career and/or job. Also when it comes to getting paid, men are known to earn more than a woman. Both men and women have equal capability of obtaining any job and should earn the same salary. In the article "Feminism Means Equality between Men and Women, and We 're Not There Yet", by Sally Peck, is about how she went to an interview in a small family-run dealership in London and the first question she was asked was if she was pregnant or planning to be. The owners were already thinking that if Peck were to be pregnant she wouldn 't be able to maintain her job for long and she 'll have to

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