Feminism And The Feminist Theory Essay

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The feminist theory takes the motion of the feminist equal rights movement and transforms it into a theoretical study. This rather new approach explores the status of females and equality activists as well as their role in society relating to others. The feminist theory explains what is relevant to women and the women 's movement as well as how definitions are changing over time, whether they are sociological, philosophical, or psychological (Grosz, 2010). As the gender gap closes in our society, equality becomes imperative to study and discuss freely. Many theorists have studied feminist theory, but one theorist in particular sticks out.
Theorist Simone de Beauvoir was a primary contributor to the feminist movement as she laid the path for scholars and women in general in the mid-1900s. The Second Sex (1949), a novel of women through time, including the controversial role of women at home as well as how women were treated as if they were the inferior sex. While this book did not directly contribute studies or articles towards the feminist theory, it did lay out the foundation, viewpoints, and attitudes towards women, revealing patriarchy and supposed subservience (Marshall, 2006). The radical view supporting women’s independence in The Second Sex (1949) was rare for its time and sparked an interest that would soon become second wave feminism and contributed significantly towards the feminist theory.
The role of the woman at home was examined by Beauvoir and contributes to
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