Feminism And What It Means

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Terra Dempsey December 29th, 2014 APLit Coghill Period 3 Feminism and What it Means My initial definition of feminism had been the belief that both genders deserve equal treatment and equality, and that no gender should be favored over the other. It had been just as wrong for a man to tell a woman that she deserves to be in the kitchen as much as it is wrong for a woman to expect special treatment from a man and pander to her. That is not to say that acts of politeness are wrong, but that everyone ought to be polite to one another. A man should not feel emasculated for a woman doing a kind gesture such as having the door opened for him just as much as a woman should not criticize a man for not being able to pay for a dinner she had…show more content…
The idea of feminism, as Emma Watson makes clear in her speech at the UN in 2014, genders and their treatment should not be seen as a battle of the sexes and more as a “spectrum” of humanity. People have shown time and again that everyone is so different, and that there should not be a black and white view in a world with so much diversity. For a long time men have had an upper hand, but that is not to say that gender expectations have not been imposed on them as well. They have, just as they have on women, and both are such irrational and unrealistic portrayals of expectations to live up to. Feminism is such a bigger idea than women being equal to or better than men; it’s the concept that human beings ought to be kinder to one another, and that there’s no reason to treat anyone better than anyone else for any reason. There has always been the expectation of the man going to work and earning the money for the household as the woman takes care of it while he was away, and this is proven to be believed even through the statistics. Despite the higher percentage of women in the population, there is a higher percentage of male participation of men within the workforce as recent as 2013. The amount of equality has improved an extreme amount over the years, but there is still more work to be done if true equality is to be made in the present. There is still unfair treatment in the work place, sexual
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