Feminism And Women 's Equality

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There are many misconceptions about feminism. Some men see feminists as lesbians or man haters. Anti-feminists typically dictate the term as supporting women’s equality and opposing men’s. In addition, some more common misconceptions consist of feminism being a movement only for gender equality, a fight for matriarchy and power, and male feminists being considered against their gender. Many individuals see the word Feminism, and immediately interpret it as a movement strictly for women’s causes. However, men can be feminists too. In fact, anyone who believes in gender equality can be a feminist. Nevertheless, to me feminism is the movement that not just aims for women’s equality but also for men’s. Feminism embraces the belief that every human-being is entitled to freedom and liberty and should not be discriminated based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle.
Throughout American history men have played the only role in the development of patriarchy. Patriarchy is the power and dominance of men over women. Women have had to endure multiple oppressions as a cause of it. These oppressions did not allow women to lead in corporations or politics, and were restricted to a certain limit of responsibility. Men of older generations were raised in the belief that they were to be the dominant in a relationship or family. As a cause of these beliefs women as a whole were not taken into consideration. They could not own properties, and inherit land or

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