Feminism And Women 's Rights

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The antisexism commercial “A Man’s a Boss, a Woman 's Bossy” came out in the Philippines on December 9th 2013. After a famous, American star saw it and posted it to their Facebook page, the commercial went viral. Many people were watching the video and being moved by the content of it, that they began sharing it on their own social media, in order to spread the word. The Pantene industry noticed this and were forced to move the commercial to play in the United States, instead of just the Philippines. Many women and men were agreeing with the commercial and coming to the realization of sexism in the United States. The commercial came out in 2013, a year where feminism and women 's rights were “trendy” topics. In 2013 many speeches and …show more content…

The commercial points this out by using rhetoric appeals such as, ethos, pathos, and logos.
First, The commercial uses popular models, such as, Gisele Bündchen to star in the commercial. This is a way of persuasion through ethos. She appears in the end scene, walking down a crosswalk being labeled as a “show-off” when all she did was dress up a little. She does the signature hair flip for the “strong” hair strength that all Pantene commercials do. The producer uses her to appeal to the audience by showing her off and kind of saying, Gisele believes and trusts in this commercial, so you should too. Trust is a huge part of ethos and Gisele is an example of trustworthiness, people see her and may look up to her, which may cause them to trust the commercial as well. Pantene is also a brand that is used by many women, so by using ethos in this commercial, Pantene expresses a moving statement, while at the same time, Pantene is most likely going to get more women to join them on this movement and trust what they have to say and trust the product. In an article about the commercial it shows that the commercial got multiple views by saying, “judging from the commercial’s popularity, many of its stereotypes resonate with women around the world” (Claire Suddath, par. 3). Women were being reached everywhere and being touched by the powerful words.
Next, The commercial uses pathos through the hard work and determination that is shown by the women in the commercial.

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