Analysis of the Sofia Vergara Head and Shoulders Advertisement

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On May 2014; the Women’s and Health magazine published an advertisement for Sofia Vergara featuring Head and Shoulders. Head and Shoulders is a shampoo product with different kinds of shampoos. This advertisement is selling the green apple head and shoulder shampoo with its conditioner. Who are the targeted audience? Why would any person choose this product not the other? A lot of questions the advertisement must reply on to be considered as a good advertisement. One of the main questions asked would be if this was a persuasive advertisement or not. Such a question is answered through the use of logos ethos and pathos.
This ad was taken from the Women’s and Health magazine, a magazine that targets women starting from teenagers that are searching for perfection to old women who lost confidence and are searching for it. It’s for the middle-class women that are interested in their health and appearance. This shampoo would give them a young and healthy hair filled with joy and happiness that most of the people lack these days.
The famous actress and model Sofia Vergara is the model for this advertisement. With her gorgeous look and stunning hair she can attract any person going through a magazine. Her golden hair with golden eyes and eyebrows are what covers most of the advertisement and this shows the aim of the advertisement. Her white shirt, like the color of the shampoo bottle shows connection between her and the product. Her natural beauty with the classic smile captivates

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