Feminism Is For Everybody Book Review

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Patriciah Wangui
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Feminism is for Everybody
Feminism is for Everybody: passionate politics is a book by bell hooks also known as Gloria Jean Watkins an American author, cultural critic, distinguished professor, feminist and social activist born in September 1952. She does a good job in the groundbreaking work on feminism and the feminism theory. Originally published in January of 2000, this book of nineteen chapters is an easy read for anyone who is new to the word feminism or generally wants to gain a better understanding of feminism basic principles and ideas it brings forth. Also it introduces bell hooks writings and ideas to a person interested in reading her other books.
Beginning her career due to the frustrations of the lack of interest in race issues, bell hooks in this text provides a passionate account of the struggles, challenges and endeavors faced by the women in the feminism movement. Bell provides some of her personal experience in the book to support her ideas. For example how and why she become a feminist, who …show more content…

One of the main points that the author is trying to pass across is that the main goal of feminism is to end all forms of sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. In our world today and back then before our generation, it has always been a male-dominated kind of community where man has power over woman. The notion portrayed been that man is in control hence deserves better paying jobs, better privileges and opportunities etc. leads to what is known as Patriarchy. The author believes that in order to create a world free of sexism, exploitation and oppression is by men and women both believing in and fighting for the cause. Equality brings committed relationships, which are more lasting and healthy to the

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