Fighting For Social Reform : Jane Addams

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Fighting for Social Reform
Though not widely known, Jane Addams’ influence and ideals can be seen throughout society. Born many years ago in 1860, the solutions for which she strived for are ageless. Women were considered the weaker sex, and forced to conform to traditional feminine roles such as staying at home and being primarily a nurturer. The issues that Jane Addams fought for, such as social justice and equality, are issues still prevalent in today’s society. Jane Addams aspired to create a world in which everyone was accepted, cared for, and where people fought for what they believed in without unjust opposition.

Throughout history, women have fought valiantly to be treated as equals and have the same rights as men, who are seen as …show more content…

Feminism exists to give everyone the same opportunities and basic rights typically granted solely to straight, wealthy white males. Modern and early feminists alike fought for these rights and “while acknowledging these limitations (sexual orientation, race, and personality), both groups of peace workers recognized the significance of building identities for their respective communities through embracing principles of nonviolence and respect for diversity” (Pois). Feminism is a movement for those who are not born with everything handed to them, and for those who are forced to fight for everything they have. Anyone placed in a lesser position, seen as not meeting the expectations set before them, or otherwise disprivileged is represented through feminism. Feminists from each generation have aided in the development of women’s rights to create a better world for themselves and those around them.

While fighting for what she believed in, Jane Addams had an eventful and achievement filled life. After her early life, Addams quickly went on to create the Hull House, a place that “offered academic and vocational classes for children and adults, a nursery to care for working women’s children, and art gallery and studio, a pool, and a library” (Stevenson). The Hull House was a place created to help immigrants and the poor, and to better the community. One of the many purposes of the place was to give everyone the best opportunities they

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