Feminism : The Quality Of Life For Women

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Timothy Truax
October 1, 2014
Traditions of Feminism
There is no one definite conclusion that makes up feminist ideals; it is rather a compilation of theories set to achieve a common goal, the enhancement of the quality of life for women. Since the first wave of feminist thought began back in 1835, there have been extensive changes in the opinions of individual feminists. There have been three main waves of feminist theories each yielding its own unique opinion on how to achieve their common goal of equality. Out of the three waves, liberal feminism emerged first, which was a type of gender reform feminism. Secondly came radical feminism, which was a type of gender resistance feminism. These two traditions of feminism have their strengths, however liberal feminism would be the one that I most identify with. I believe that liberal feminists theories are more applicable to the social and economic structure of our society. Liberal feminism continues to be the least radical of the two different types of traditions. With that being said, it is because of the traditional nature of liberal feminists that I personally agree with their ideologies over radical feminism. To explain why I chose liberal feminism over radical feminism I will go over the two different types in detail and discuss each of their political agendas for social and economic equality. Radical feminists affirm that our society is structured around a patriarchy that oppresses women. They affirm that putting an end
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