Feminist Feminism

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Many a time have I read and heard compelling arguments about feminism. They argue for the equality of the sexes on the bases of us all being human having been born with different sexes, one carrying no less value than the other. No argument I have previously heard, however, has argued the origin of the seeming female inferiority in the male eyes as a creation of an Other. The concept of a woman as the Other bears similarity as well as ample contrast to Sartre’s metaphysical concept of the Other. One of the main differences as well as reasons for the slow rise of acceptance of women’s equality is that women do not form a community as firm as groups oppressed by their designation as the others. “The reason for this is that women lack concrete means for organizing themselves into a unit which can stand face to face with the correlative unit. They have no past, no history, no religion of their own; and they have no such solidarity of work and interest as that of the proletariat. They are not even promiscuously herded together in the way that creates community feeling among the American Negroes, the ghetto Jews, the workers of Saint-Denis, or the factory hands of Renault.” (5) Thus women are primarily members of those communities seeking equality in terms of ethnicity, race, etc. before their equality as women to men. According to de Beauvoir, the reason why women struggle to unify is that their loyalty belongs primarily to their socioeconomic class, ethnicity or belief rather

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