Feminist vs Functionalist View on Education

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I am going to look at the Feminist point of view on Education and also, the Functionalist point of view on Education. Feminism There are many different types of feminists, there are Radical Feminists who are the most extreme in voicing their opinion about gender and the rights of women. There are Conservative Feminists, who adopt and appreciate the male need for a career and public achievement as female goals, thereby denying women 's need for intimacy, family, and children. There are Liberal Feminists, they see everyone as equal. They believe sexism as a dysfunction in society. There are also Social Feminists, who link gender differences to class as well. They see it as sexism rewards the working class male and allows them control…show more content…
Functionalism Functionalism sees society as a whole. It is often referred to as the consensus theory as it doesn 't choose to see the issue of conflict in society. It looks at the important factors which make up society such as the economy, the family, the political system and the educational system. It is how these all function together as a whole to create society that functionalists look at. If you think of society as a human body, and the factors functionalists see as important and the organs. If one does not work then it prevents the others from working. In order for society to run smoothly everyone must see these factors as critical and work to keep them going as smoothly as possible. To understand how any part of society, for example education, the functionalists would look at how education in terms of its contribution to the maintenance of the social system as a whole works. All the key institutions in society need to be well integrated for society to survive and operate efficiently. Functionalists believe that the education system has three main functions. • It socializes young people and teaches them cultural values like equality and the fairness of opportunity also, religious morality. They believe education emphasizes moral responsibilities. • Education teaches children work skills for their future, such as literacy and numeracy. • Lastly, according to functionalists
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