Feminists on Meat-Eating

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Some feminist thinkers also believe that meat-eating is wrong, basing their argument on sexual politics. Carol Adams (The Sexual Politics of Meat) believes that men showing their dominance over animals, with the ability to kill and eat them, mirrors the patriarchal society in which we live, whereby men control women. To talk about eliminating meat is to talk about displacing one aspect of male control and demonstrates the way in which animals' oppression and women's oppression are linked together.
In saying this, Adams believes we should not eat meat because it is just exploiting the weaker position that women hold in society because of male dominance. Furthermore, Adams offers somewhat of a vegan argument using sexual politics, believing that by using cows to produce dairy and chickens to produce eggs before being slaughtered, "we exploit their femaleness as well".
While there are a vast amount of arguments to support the notion of vegetarianism, such as those presented in this essay, there are also a number of arguments that can be made in favour of meat-eating. For example, many non-vegetarians raise the question of how much impact an individual who quits eating meat has upon the meat market in relation to the whole of society, the country, or even the world. One person's decision to not buy animal products would not reduce the amount of animals killed to place these products in shops. This therefore seems to make the idea of vegetarianism, as an effort to stop

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