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Explain how the system known as “feudalism” worked in Medieval Europe.
The bases of feudalism is best described as a social system in Europe throughout the Middle Ages where individuals worked and battled for upper class who gave them protection and the use of the land in return for their services (Merriam-Webster). “Feudalism” is not a medieval term and not even a translation of a medieval concept (Abels 2010; Brown 2010; Bouchard 1998). In our day and time Feudalism would be difficult and baffling in several ways, but some may feel that we would benefit from it.
During this time the social class depended on how much land you owned. Royalty in your Kings and Queens was part of the upper class; the noble lords and vassals followed the …show more content…

The attacks were unsuspecting on the towns and villages so that they couldn’t maintain order. All the while this was taking place the Frankish Empire was falling apart. They begin to fight among each other for the Kingdom. They became a disorder society. Life may have been not suitable for some but feudalism turned dysfunction into order during a violent time.
What was its impact on the mission of the church?
The Church was the absolute most predominant foundation in medieval life, its impact invading practically every part of individuals’ lives. Its religious observances often shape to the plan; its customs checked every minute in a person 's life; and its lessons supported standard convictions about morals, the significance of life and existence. Church in Western Europe was recognized as the Roman Catholic Church went from the religion of the Roman Empire to the official religion and the most powerful institution of the Middle Ages. All of Europe had been converted to Christianity by the year 1000. Although this process was peaceful at times but other times it got downright ugly.
The inclusion of the church in the system became a political reality. The unsettled conditions caused by the Viking and Magyar invasions forced church officials to enter into close relations with the only power able to offer them protection. Bishops and abbots thus became vassals, receiving fiefs for which they were obligated to provide the usual feudal services. The

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