Fidlar Threats

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Fidlar, once again, wows the low-life wannabe-skaters with their new album Too! This garage punk band is based in Los Angeles California, and first posted their songs online in 2009. The band's name, Fidlar, is an acronym for, 'Forget It Dad, Lifes All Right' which sums up their carefree skater sound. After the success of the their first album, which was self titled, the second one had a lot to live up to. “Toos,”is very similar to the first album. It would be hard to distinguish between the two. In regard to the alleged, “sophomore slump” that so many artist suffer from, Zac Carper said, “The hardest thing is, you get lost in the question of what do people want from me? And, after a while, it was just like, you know what? I think we should just do what we want to do.”…show more content…
The first track on the album shows this with, “40oz on Repeat.” It’s a fun and fast song that any teenage garage band could imitate. Choice phrases like, “I’m that kind of special person that drinks too much/ Cause nobody understands me,” and “ I don’t care at all, I’ll drink some alcohol,” aren’t poetry, and actually sound like the band making fun of itself a bit. Fidlar members clearly haven't outgrown their adolescence goofiness, which is shown in, “West Coast.” This is one of the more pop sounding songs, and is definitely a song dance to. “Skip school, I’m already failing/ Tell mom and dad that I’m bailing,” is a fun verse that singer, Zac Carper, shouts at you through the ear buds. If you choose to ignore that he’s 28, and has the same haircut as my dad, it’s a relatable and carefree jam! Both of these, and other dance type song called Drone, have already been released as singles. “Why Generation” is another great song on the
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