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Olivia Gorena MRKT 1001- Field Assignment #1 1. (a) Find mission statements for three of your favorite companies or consumer brands. Explain how the mission statement for each gives a strategic direction. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of each and make recommendations how these can be streamlined to give better understanding. (b) Create a mission statement for your own career. Explain how this will help you in the job market. 1. Favorite Companies/ Brands i. Tofurky 1. Mission Statement – Tofurky was created to provide “health and vitality” to people and the ecosystem of the founders home by making “delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable” vegetarian and vegan food that are not…show more content…
iii. Urban Outfitters 7. Mission Statement – Urban Outfitters believes in “lifestyle merchandising”. They not only believe in customer service, but also to have a “strong emotional bond” with every customer. By doing this they want to provide current fashion trends when they happen, not after. 8. Strategic Planning – UO wants to be able to relate to every young customer they encounter; making their UO experience one they will always feel comfortable in. By devoting their appearance, products, and employees to the current trends of numerous groups, they are able to relate to everyone. They use current trends and technology to attract their customers. 9. Strength and Weaknesses – They have a wide variety of products for men and women ranging from clothing, accessories, music, cameras, home décor, and also furniture. Not only do they have this wide variety in products, but also in the styles of the products. Their products are not geared towards a specific trend, although they are in style, they have many different trends available. Their prices, like American Apparel, are quite high though. They carry name brands like Obey and others whose prices are hiked up. Seeing as their target market is for younger ages, this could cause a problem. 2. My Mission Statement iv. My fast food chain would only use local farmers crops that were certified organic and non-GMO to provide a healthy fast
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