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Alan Badel English 100/Major Essay #2 Professor Raymond Morris 23 October 2015 The Fight Club Aims to Free Individuals from Society’s Emasculating Shackles Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club is an exciting fictional novel that will hold the audience captive following three revolving main characters in Marla Singer, Tyler Durden, and the narrator himself as they take the reader through confusing twists and perspectives, while providing a most revealing closure. Although the title suggests an exclusive organization focused on violence, the novel describes the emasculation of man in today’s modern age of consumerism, societal associations and family structure along with the main and sub-characters’ exercising of power and submission to power…show more content…
Today’s age of computer automation sparked a generation pampered with gadgets that enabled the user to complete labor intensive and complicated tasks with a touch of a button or a simple act of pulling a lever. Now, with this type of jobs commonplace all over the world, a feeling or sense of emasculation of these individuals as a result of being restricted to such menial tasks affectionately labeled as “space monkeys,” rebellion among this repressed group may arguably occur in order to display external power. The narrator synonymously identified emasculation in the early chapters in the most literal sense of a man’s loss, a symbolic loss to man’s virility as to woman’s fertility. In chapter two, the narrator felt emotional and routinely cried weekly for and with his friend Bob; a largely built man whose own “huevos” were removed due to testicular cancer (21). The narrator hugged and cried with Bob, a visually striking man with “bitch tits” now adorning the former body builder’s physique. Such displays of affection between men are not commonly seen in public, and therefore the author projected both as fragile, emasculated men submitting to the power of a debilitating disease such as cancer. Emasculation has become

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