Figurative Death in Night

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The Death of Good: Figurative Death in Night In the early 1940’s, Hitler started death camps. His goal was to kill all of the Jews because they were not pure Germans. He started concentration camps, where they would beat and starve the prisoners until they died. The prisoners went through selections to see what job to make them, and if they were not fit enough, to kill them. The Nazis used crematories in which they burned prisoners, in ovens, until they were ashes. One of the most infamous concentration camps was a camp called Auschwitz. Night is a true story, written by Eliezer (Elie) Wiesel, about his time spent in Auschwitz, and another concentration camp called Buna. He was deported from his home in Sighet, Transylvania when he was …show more content…

Elie, his father, and the prisoners had to run in the snow more than 40 miles to another concentration camp, deeper in Germany. When they stopped a man, Rabbi Eliahou, asked if Elie and his father if they had seen his son. Elie had and he realized that the Rabbi’s son had “wanted to get rid of his father…to free himself from an encumbrance” (Wiesel 87). They then got on cattle trains that took them to the next concentration camp, Buchenwald. They passed by villages and when people threw bread in, the prisoners began to fight to the death for it. One son began to attack his own father for a piece and killed him, only to be killed the next moment himself. Soon after they arrived in Buchenwald, Eliezer’s father was very weak and sick. A part of Elie felt that if he could get rid of his father he “could use all [his] strength to struggle for [his] own survival” (Wiesel 101). He was very ashamed, even more so when his father died and he felt “free at last” (Wiesel 105). Most of the time death is physical, but there can also be figurative deaths, too. It doesn’t matter either way is horrible. There are several figurative examples of death in Night: freedom, faith, and family love. The Nazis, and the extermination camps they set up, killed millions of people, and hurt even more. The pain and suffering they brought just goes to show people how evil mankind can be. People must prepare for the future to make sure that this never happens again. Works

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