Figurative Language In The Pearl

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Nicholas Doolittle

Mr. LaBelle

English 2

16, December 2017

Kinos Corruption According to Mexican folklore, there was a pearl driver who ends up finding a pearl known as “The Pearl of the World” John Steinbeck knew of this tale and wrote a story called the pearl. The Pearl can teach the reader many important lessons through the events of this story and it's many themes that are portrayed through the use of figurative language. An example of this is how Steinbeck uses the symbols of the pearl ,light and darkness to show that greed and wealth corrupts one character.

The pearl symbolizes the Corruption of Kino’s personality and his change in character throughout the story.
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Light is all the good things while evil and Corruption is dark. Juana steals the pearl from Kino during his sleep and the reason I think that shows the symbol is it's a dark time in the story and is also dark out because Kino is asleep. When she stole the pearl Kino got up very mad chased her and beat her up which shows violence and his Corruption she was trying to get rid of the pearl so Kino goes back to the man he was before they found the pearl. But before she can actually throw the pearl into the ocean Kino gets there just in time and the pearl ends up disappearing into the rocks and Kino searches for the pearl and he is attacked by a man with a knife so he takes his knife and kills the attacker so at this point there is no chance the story could go back to what it was because a man died over it which ruined all innocence.” the light is taken away and she sees two men lying on a path dead” (Steinbeck 60). The attacker is seen as evil and greedy which shows more darkness in the…show more content…
The pearl symbolizes the Corruption of his character . John Steinbeck as an author wanted us to look into the deeper meaning of the book to truly realize what is was about because the story wasn't just a family finding a pearl it was how the pearl shows other
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