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Filesharing is the act of sharing files over the internet with another person. This can be done directly between two computers or by two computers connecting to a mediating server. These files can be anything: music, videos, books, blueprints, or other documents, many different types of software and programs including video games. Filesharing is also incredibly easy. Free software like bittorrent makes it simple for anyone to fileshare. With the simplicity of filesharing and the huge amount of information available for download it is easy to see how filesharing can be used illegally. Many files that are available via P2P (peer to peer) networking are copyrighted material. For example a person buys a new CD, puts it on his computer, …show more content…

That is why I believe that there are better ways of dealing with Illegal filesharing then is currently used.
While I had a lot of personal experience with filesharing I still needed additional information on my topic to back up my own experiences and opinions. I knew I needed more information on current copyright laws and to learn more I went online to the copyright website where I found the penalties for copyright infringement. While most cases of infringement aren’t criminally prosecuted, infringers are still subject to huge fines. The fines are even larger (up to $150,000) if the infringer is shown to have knowingly and willfully infringed the copyrighted material, especially if he or she committed copyright infringement for profit. Uploaders carry a higher risk of being found guilty of willful infringement because they knew what they were doing.
I also went to the library to find print sources about online pirating and I found plenty if information. Perhaps the most useful article I found was an article written by Lawrence Lessig, A Stanford professor and author of “Free Culture”. In his article Lessig pointed out that the battle against online piracy is hopeless the way it is currently being fought. He noted that prosecuting these so-called “pirates” has not led to an increase of profits for the artists nor a decrease in the amount if illegal filesharing.(2) Lessig also wrote about a

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