Filipino American Culture

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There are nearly 4 million Filipino American’s living in the United States of America; however, the vast majority of them live on the West coast and primarily in California. It is less common to hear any negative news stories or conflict regarding Filipino Americans due to the fact that they have a very low poverty rate and remain well educated compared to Mexican immigrants that are constantly in the news seeking aid and assistance. It is important to understand the social network perspective of immigration acceptance with the correlation of economic capital (Avenarius, 2012). The fact that Filipino’s are more likely to own a home or property means they are more spread out than some rows of apartments or rentals that have predominately Mexican occupants. Furthermore, owning a home in a community tends to prevent barrios and ghettos from manifesting and prevents newsworthy stories of deplorable conditions and violent tendencies. Regarding the 12 million Mexican immigrants that reside in America, they are less likely to own their own homes and have a tendency to group in droves, such as in the Los Angeles area where nearly 2 million reside. Education is not as prevalent with Mexican immigrants compared to the Filipino’s, which leads to lower income levels and poverty within communities. The fact that Mexican immigrants forgo the normal assimilation theory aspects that the majority of other immigrants follow, make them unique. In fact, Garcia (2014) stated that some immigrants
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