Film Analysis Of The 1952 Forbidden Games

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The 1952 Forbidden Games film by Rene Clement was a primary source because it was about child and adult reactions to death children during WW2 when Hitler and Germans occupied Vichy France (CC- PowerPoint Children and War 10/24/17). Paulette’s family was escaping Vichy France, because Germans took over that country. The film was an artistic film because it showed how adults and children lived during the historical event of WW2. For example, the film was about a six-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy that came from two different family structures peasant and middle class.
Paulette came from a middle class family, had no formal education, did not know religion, or how to handle to concept of death and was only reactive to sights and sounds that were familiar to her because of the war. In the beginning of the film, both of Paulette’s parents and her dog were killed by a German airstrike. She was left helplessly on a bridge alone and scared, and the adult Frenchman did not seem to care, they only wanted to reach safety and escaping the horrors of the war (CC- PowerPoint Children and War 10/24/17). When the first family had Paulette in their wagon, they viewed the small orphan child as a burden. One of the reactions from the mother towards Paulette was “oh, another mouth to feed”, as if we don’t have enough stress” (Clement, 1952). We can tell Paulette did not understand what death means, because she carries the dead dog around until the family that unwilling took her in the

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