Film Analysis Of Tom Tykwer's 'Run Lola Run'

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Tom Tykwer is a German film director, screenwriter, producer and composer who is most known for his film Run Lola Run. Run Lola Run was released in 1998, starring Franka Potente as Lola, and Moritz Bleibtreu as Manni. The editor of the film is Mathilde Bonnefoy, and the cinematographer is Frank Greibe. Run Lola Run is an intense, action film that shows the implications of time, choice, fate, chance and consequence. This film follows Lola, who needs to get 100,00 marks, in order to save her boyfriend Manni’s life. There are three different scenarios that Lola mentally goes through in order to get the money, in which results to different consequences. The opening sequence starts with the quote, ‘After the game is before the game.’ The …show more content…

The sequence then goes onto a cartoon sequence of a character with all focus given on her. It shows her running down an endless tunnel with dramatic music used to build tension and suspense within the sequence. The fact the character is again running seems to connote time is running out and the aim within the narrative that needs to be achieved. The main narrative is about a young woman in Germany named Lola who has twenty minutes to find and bring 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he robs a supermarket. Whilst this is the main narrative, there is also another narrative of the affair between Lola's dad and another woman.
At the start of the film there appears to be no problems and the narrative is balanced, but very quickly it is disrupted, when Manni, Lola's boyfriend tells her he is in trouble and needs her help. In the very opening of the movie, a close up shot is revealed to show Lola answer the phone to her boyfriend Manni. This shot helps to reveal her vivid red hair, however at the same time reveals a red telephone. The link between these two objects show that the color red connotes the relationship between Lola and Manni, through the connection of love. As the conversation becomes more intense between the characters Lola’s voice changes to a high pitched scream. This stops Manni from speaking through a sense of shock and shows that Lola is the dominant character.

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