Film Analysis: The Harvest

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a. Resocialization pg. 84/ the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. In this short film “The Harvest”, I felt that the message was resocialization. While migrants travel daily to find work in which most migrants do not a solid home. They are forced to find the new “normal” for themselves and their families. They end up in small homes that are called travel homes, or a “rest stop” and sleep in an unfamiliar bed and eat dinner with unfamiliar people. They travel from state to state trying to find work according to what crop needs picked at that moment. The only thing that I noticed while watching “The Harvest” was that they all stuck together through religion. Even while in the fields working with strangers or before …show more content…

Teamwork pg. 113/ the collaboration of two or more people to manage impressions jointly I find that teamwork is the only way to work in you a migrant. For instance Zulema the 16 year old girl drove with a stranger to get back to Florida with her father and grandmother. The first we saw of Zulema, was when she was not happy at all about having to move again. She was very rebellious and did not think that she should have to be in the fields. When she returned she was helping with her little sister and brothers a lot. She was helping in the field to make enough money for her family to live Victor, the 16 year old migrate was helping in the fields as well as home to make his family work. Even though they wanted normal lives like the rest of the kids, and to go to school, they felt as if they needed to help their parents. The 16 year old girl Pena, was in school and happy as can be, but she stated that it will not last a long time and all she wanted was to go to prom with her friends and graduate high school. The girls wore makeup, just to feel like they are normal, even though they are working as a team; they needed to feel like an individual to themselves. They all are very hard workers, and do what it takes to help their families. The houses that they stayed in had several beds, and had food in the cupboards to help them in their travels. They all share everything, and are very thankful for everything. Again, this brings in religion. With their great faith in religion and teamwork, they get by. Even if this means that a family member is not with them at the same time to help the family in need.

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