Film And The Band Played On By Roger Spottiswoode

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What are the major theme(s) of the film? Hint use the concepts presented in class to guide your answer. Provide examples to demonstrate meaning. (6 marks)
In the film And the Band Played On by Roger Spottiswoode, the major themes revealed throughout the film is the lack of participation from the governments behalf on this epidemic, divisional of private and public sectors and medical dominance between medical researchers.
In this epidemic outbreak the government showed a lack of insensitivity towards the CDC when they wanted a way to test the blood that was being donated but the government felt as it was not cost-efficient (And the Brand Played On, 1993). This prevented the CDC from coming to conclusions that this virus AIDs may have been transmitted between homosexual men at bathhouses but it was spreading because of blood transfusion.
The government emphasized that publicly ran services such as blood banks initiated the President to reduce the money that was for public health and raise the money for the Department of Defense to help with the control of the virus (And the Band Played On, 1993). This defined and demonstrated that more emphasis is taking regarding public sectors such as blood banks compared to private sectors such as bathhouses. Theories and evidences pointed towards gay bathhouses that this virus was being transmitted there in saunas where sexual interaction was taking place between men. Since this outbreak occurred, the future of bathhouses was jeopardized…
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