Film : Film Analysis Of The Sin City Film

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The Sin City film was filmed by several directors led by Frank Miller. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino also took part in the work on the film. These two directors often collaborate throughout their career, so this was not the first project they worked on in tandem. In this case, the analysis of the directors' work should take into account the efforts of each of this triad because the film comprises many elements of the author's style of each director. Like every provincial teenager in America, Frank Miller adored comics since childhood. He moved to New York to work and develop in the field of creating graphics. For some time Frank worked for such big companies as Marvel and DC Comics, which gave him enough experience and skills to realize his own, unique ideas. Later, "Miller re-read the old comics which had captivated his imagination as a child" (Pérez 275). The Sin City film is an adaptation of his eponymous graphic novel, which he created for several years. For a long time, the director could not realize his plan and film his comic. Nevertheless, he did not sell his author rights. Then he came to the aid of Robert Rodriguez, who shot one of the trial fragments of the future film. "Sin City begins with a three-­ minute sequence that is an aesthetic gem— arguably the finest segment of the film" (63). Miller was delighted with what he saw, and they began to cooperate with Rodriguez. In turn, Rodriguez invited Quentin Tarantino to take part in the shootings. Tarantino

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