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My film is the movie Robin Hood, it was made by Walt Disney studios, and the executive producer was Michael Costigan. The film was directed by Ridley Scott. The running time is eighty-three minutes and the main characters are Robin Hood (Brian Bedford), Little John (Phil Harris), Prince John (Peter Ustinov), and the Rooster (Roger Miller). It was released on November 8, 1973. Robin Hood steals from the rich to feed the poor people of Nottingham. The film’s story comes from a collection of different ballads and tales of Robin Hood. The film credits do not state a source or sources that the film is based on.
Robin Hood begins with a scene in which Robin Hood and Little John are escaping archers because they are outlaws. Prince John rides by in a fancy carriage and they pretend to be fortune tellers while stealing his tax money. Prince John is temporarily ruling England while his brother is away. There is an archery contest which is a setup to capture Robin. Robin wins the contest and this enrages Prince John. He triples the already excessive taxes on the citizens. As a result, some eventually cannot pay and are arrested, including Friar Tuck. Robin Hood and Little John plan his rescue, which leads to the overthrow of Prince John.
The setting of Robin Hood is Nottingham, England, in the eleventh century of the middle ages. The film shows us the lifestyle of the townspeople. There is a vast difference between the movie and today’s world. We are living in the information age

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