Film Review: 'Freedom Writers'

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Impact of the film Through the film, it is clear to see the hard work put on by Erin Gruwell. Through his hard work and determination, he transforms the life of some of her students. This movie influences my life because I understand some of the issues that people in the society face. The society has people with different likes and preferences. Some of these may not be in line with what expected by society. It is the work of teachers and guardians to guide students to lead a fruitful life. The movie helps me understand the social issues that people face in society. Some of these issues include racism. The movie has helped me understand the dangers of racism. The movie is impactful in that it provides insight and knowledge of the issues that people face. Through the movie, Freedom Writers, the importance of education revealed. The movie shows us that the only thing that could bring redemption to the black community was education. The movie helps me to observe my discipline and obedience and the benefits that would arise if I followed this to the letter. The movie helps me to understand the power of sharing and talking about the issues that someone might face. Erin Gruwell manages to convince his students to share their life stories. Through this, he manages to help them face their tribulations. The movie helps me to understand that it is crucial to trust in someone. It is good to give people a chance. One should trust that they would be of importance t their life. This is
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