Film Review : The Movie ' Lovers ' Essay

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In recent years comic book adaptation films have grown increasingly common in cinema. Fans of the classic format are joined by a new generation of fans to create the current cult of comic book movie lovers who relish in the sight of seeing their beloved heroes take shape in the cinematic world. These films have become so popular in fact that the new release of films from this genre are basically seen as sure fire big screen blockbusters. Currently three of the top ten films listed on IMDb’s list of highest grossing films of all time are comic book films (IMDb). It’s clear that people around the world are loving the idea of caped crusaders and masked heroes becoming adapted into live action roles. Despite all of the love these adaptions are receiving they are by no means perfect. These current superhero films and really the genre as a whole seems to be missing something vital, they seem to be missing diversity. The current roster of heroes that are seen in the cinematic universe all seem to be cut from the same cloth. What this means is that nearly all of the current leading heroes in film fit the same description which is being a heterosexual, Caucasian, male.
Of the many comic book films that have hit the big screen in the past decade there are very few that actually have a diverse cast and of that slim amount there is an even smaller number of comic book films that showcase a protagonist that is not white, male, or heterosexual. Many will argue that the reason as to why

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