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Films and media have been a source of entertainment since the 1800s. Exposure of media through news and entertainment is a given to people all over the world, and we observe how people perceive others around us. Some concepts, a prominent one, coined “whitewashing”, is heavily in films which develops heavy prejudice towards other races aside from the more dominant white population. Whitewashing began during the early development of films across the United States, the castings of white actors and actresses gaining controversy and were heavily criticized. Whitewashing was considered offensive to others, due to the amount of it that was done during those times. These Hollywood films and social media place a stance on the role of other races…show more content…
Alicia Nash was originally written as a Hispanic immigrant to America, and it was something that was heavily discussed and important to the plot, but was then ignored and forgotten as she was cast as a white actress for the film (Huffpost). With this type of discrimination, it makes it harder for people to accept and enjoy the movie, especially if there are known facts that one character was not made to be portrayed by a white actor. It does not only occur in America, but it also happens in other films all around the world. Issues uprose in Australian films, for example, their concept of whitewashing involving the difference between Australians and the British. Their cultures are culturally different, but in Australia, the portrayal of the film “The Adventures of Barry MacKenzie” showed “the depiction of the rough and ready “Bazza” confronting a common but alien culture struck a national cord” (McCarthy 156), whereas in Britain “it was dismissed as merely being in bad taste (McCarthy 156). These were viewed as an issue because it went against parts of the British culture, when it was supposed to go with it. Ever since films were created, whitewashing became a big topic in the industry for a copious amount of years, only recently rising to be a topic of conversation that has grown in

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