Final Discussion Board on Simulation Article and a Reflection

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Final Discussion Board on Simulation Article and a Reflection For this final posting for the informatics class I will be sharing and then commenting on an article discussing the effectiveness of simulation to help medical surgical nurses to recognise then respond to clinical emergencies. I will then be sharing my reflective thoughts and opinions on my personal experiences in the blending leaning classes here at Framingham State University thus far.
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Buckley, T., & Gordon, C. (2011). The effectiveness of high fidelity simulation on medical–surgical registered nurses' ability to recognize and respond to clinical emergencies. Nurse Education Today, 31(7), 716-721. Retrieved from:
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In conclusion this study suggests greater use of simulation in graduate programs could result in more clinically confident and proficient nurses responding to emergency situations in clinical situations after graduation.
My Reflection on the Blended Learning Experience I have been extremely happy with my experiences thus far here at Framingham State University and the blended learning experience. Having graduated from an accelerated nursing program only seven and a half years ago I can recall very vividly the pain and torturous experiences of having to sit in class for eight hours per day, two days a week. As an adult learner I can vividly recall multiple conversations with fellow adult learners about how class work felt like it was filler. As a group we provided follow-up feedback to the institution that they consider additional technologies and recourses that could fulfill the educational requirement but allow the student to learn at home. We frequently commented on how the class work could have been easily cut down to 2 hours of meaty material vs. 8 hours of fluff. However, I personally enjoyed the camaraderie and networking of meeting my cohorts. Here at Framingham I feel I found a program that has given me the best of both worlds. So far the balance of course work and module work at home have complemented the experience wonderfully. I have met some
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