Final Essay. Trumps New World Order. Krysteena Rodriguez.

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Final essay Trumps new world order Krysteena Rodriguez Western Connecticut State University History 149 American history May 12, 2017 With last year being the first election that I could vote in, I took particular interest in keeping up with politics as much as I could. It was truly sad to see Obama leave office, being that he was a symbol of hope for so many, regardless of the critiques on how well he did his job. When our current president, something that is still hard for me to face the reality of, Donald Trump, announced his campaign I thought he had no chance. I did not see it possible for a man with no political background, who is only known for being a wealthy businessman along with reality star to become the leader of…show more content…
It would be beneficial for the president to meet with the founders of the movement, to discuss what they are advocating for and how the president can intervene. Let’s look back at the early 1900s. Our countries history of slavery is no secret. Although slavery was abolished decades prior, the mindsets of those who lived during those times were stagnant. While they were freed from slavery, for long after, African Americans were not privileged with the same freedom of white Americans. It is common when racism is discussed that people mention when slavery was abolished however limitations were still put on ex slaves that limited their possibility of growing and achieving more. Foner stated, “Nor could blacks, the majority desperately poor, participate fully in the emerging consumer economy, either as employees in the new department stores (except as janitors and cleaning women) or as purchasers of the consumer goods now flooding the marketplace.” It is important that the struggles faced even after abolition be recognized. When blacks did not abide by Jim Crow laws created to keep black and whites divided they were met with violence. Foner mentioned a riot that resulted in the death of 39 people, leaving 500 others injured that took place due to a black male accidently overstepping a line that divided beaches between

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