What It Takes For English Learners?

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Recently, as the schools in the United States become more diverse in cultures, the needs for new English learners to learn the basic of English and grow in fluency has expanded. Nevertheless, a major of English learners receive insufficient education and have low achievement at school. Therefore, the approach of the schools for English learners might not be sufficient for them to unchain themselves from the boundary of differences in language and culture. As a result, the article “What It Takes for English Learners to Succeed” from Jana Echevarria, Nancy Frey, and Doug Fisher provides a guideline for teachers to help their English learners by using the four practices of “Access, Climate, Expectation, and Language Instruction.” The four practices can be divided into two categories. Access, climate, and expectations focus on educational settings, while language instruction focuses on teaching contents. The first category, access, climate, and expectations help teachers to provide their English Learners (EL) students an educational environment that can help them to learn with confidence. In access, teacher will create a lesson for multiple learning style. Usually, teachers rely on their verbal skill in their class to help their students understand the material, yet it is a disadvantage for EL students since their English vocabulary is still insufficient. As a result, teachers would want to use different methods of teaching like visual representation. For example a fourth grade

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