Final Project: Overview of FAO's Strategic Planning Essay

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Final Project: Overview of FAO Strategic Planning
William D. Towah
Walden University
The Final Project: Strategic Plan
Strategic planning is a fundamental framework that engenders growth of every organization; it provides the procedures necessary that would enable an organization to achieve its mandate, mission and vision of success, and thereby providing public value. This final project identifies and analysis the characteristics of strategic planning and implementation processes upon which strategic planning initiatives are anchored. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is a selected final project organization and is used for cases application in fulfillment of the tasks assigned. This …show more content…

The FAO therefore in meeting this mandate is strategically compel to decentralize its operations down to the rural populations where even human capacity endowment is at its lowest.
3. Mission and Values
The organization has several specialized agencies, with each having a unique mission statement of its own. However, the global mission statement for the FAO reads as follow: “Helping to build a food-secure world for present and future generations”. Over the next 15 years, FAO working with states hope to achieve the following:
i. “Reducing food insecurity and rural poverty; ii. Ensuring an enabling policy and regulatory framework for food and agriculture, fisheries and forestry; iii. Securing sustainable increases in the supply and availability of food; iv. Conserving and enhancing the natural resource base; and
v. Generating knowledge of food and agriculture, fisheries, and forestry”, (FAO’s Mission Statement).
With the primary mission to eradicate world hunger and malnutrition, FAO has made it a priority to improve food production through enhanced agricultural practices in its member countries. For its humanitarian mission, the FAO is to provide assistance in food emergencies and the rehabilitation of food production and storage systems in member countries so food security is sustained and the alleviating of rural poverty. The FAO as its mission also provide timely interventions on need assessment and technical support for the development and

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