Final Reflection Paper

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Have you ever encountered a problem that you've wanted to solve, but you had absolutely no idea where to start? I seem to encounter these problems on a daily basis. Most of the time I just ignore it and move on, but this time around I decided to figure out the steps it would take to reach my goal. I've decided to make a change in my church and stop my youth group from excluding people due to their sexual orientation. This problem means a lot to me because although I'm not part of the LGBTQ community myself, I've seen my close friends who are part of that community stray from God due to the way that my youth group treats them. From the moment I realized this was happening, I knew I needed to do something to change it. For the longest time, I sat around and thought that this was how those people were meant to be treated. I didn't think that what LGBTQ people were doing was right. I thought that they were wrong for loving someone who was the same gender that they were. I was taught to think that they were weird and that I had to stay away from them. The sad part was that I even participated in shaming these people. My youth group, people who I thought were teaching me how to be the best person I could be, was actually teaching me to shame people due to their ability to love. I noticed the hostility on this subject when someone who had been in our church a while had come out as bisexual to a group of us. While she didn't stand up in front of the group, she still told a

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