Financial Aid Reflection

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Hey Phillip, sorry that I haven't enrolled for next semester yet. I would've enrolled by now however I literally can't, the reason for why I can't is because I am in a little bit of a financial bind at the moment. You see, this whole semester I have been trying to get the financial aid office to fix my award money by filling out a special consideration form because at around this time last year my mom got laid off from work and hasn't been able to find a job since then, however due to a mistake within the financial aid office they had records that said that my family was making twice the amount of money than previous years, when that is the farthest from the truth we could get.

As a result from this misinformation, financial aid took away all of my grants and when I spoke with them about what is going on, they handed me a Special Consideration Form and told me that I shouldn't have to sign up for a payment plan since I should've been guaranteed to get my grants back. Even though I should have stayed on the side of caution and had my parents sign up for a payment plan, I listened to Financial Aid and told my parents what they had told me and they decided to not sign up for a plan. As luck would have it, after I turned in my forms they then misplaced them and I had to resubmit everything again towards the end of October despite the fact that I had majority of what they had requested in, they misplaced a form that was crucial
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Yesterday afternoon I finally got word from them stating that they fixed things, however upon checking to see for myself I realized that them "fixing" my situation meant giving me a grant that would only pay for 38% of what it said that I owed which, given current family situations, is nowhere near as much as I needed nor is it making it possible for my family to actually pay for
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