Financial Analysis : Business Enterprise

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INTRODUCTION The timing is important to anticipate any failure in the future can be corrected, but late decisions are worthless. Financial analysis procedures can be used not only for the previous financial information to evaluate, but also further its activity forecast made in order to assess the pre-financial reporting quality. Each business enterprise in order to survive in the market has to ensure that its activities are profitable as possible. On the profitability of the potential deal from company accounts, which provide a lot of information management in making further decisions. But not enough to consider only the annual reports because they are not sufficiently informative, in order to properly assessing the company has done a financial analysis of the company 's activities through a variety of absolute and relative performance. Company Morrisons financial analysis is important for the further development of the company 's viability. Board of directors CEO - a man who can make decisions according to their competence in the various tasks attributed to him collective activities managed by the department responsible for the performance of the operating team entrusted with specific leadership tools. Shareholders - the company 's highest governing body. It collects the company 's board of directors. The Board

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