Essay about Financial Analysis of Dell and Hp Executive Summary

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FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF DELL AND HP Executive Summary 2 This financial analysis report examines two high profile competitors, Dell and Hewlett Packard (HP), within the computer/technology industry in order to evaluate company performance and financial health. Overall company strategies were reviewed and considered along with the financial analysis to come to a conclusion for recommendation of investment. The reports introduction gives an overview to the computer/technology industry and expands on the strategies executed by Dell and HP. The financial analysis covers both companies’ common-size income statements and balance sheets, comparative income statements and balance sheets, and various financial statement ratios such as…show more content…
The computer industry has come a long way since its first inception with the invention of Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer in 1946. This industry is comprised of many items such as computers, monitors, printers, scanners, mainframes, servers, electronic computer components, networking and workstations to name a 4 few. The industry started a major growth phase in the 1980’s with the production of the personal computer and has grown every since with many new products introduced. Innovations within this industry have had positive rippling effects to outside industries, from manufacturing to banking. While the United States market is fairly saturated and mature, the computer/technology industry is very much in the growth phase on a global basis. The drivers behind this growth are both innovations in technology and especially increased consumer spending in Asia and Africa. The international value of this industry is expected to grow and surpass $620 billion in 2011, roughly a 27% increase from 2006. Dell and HP possess major market share within the computer/technology industry due to brand name loyalty, advanced supply chain management techniques and producing innovating products for an affordable price. Dell vs. HP Strategies Dell and
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