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Complete a case study of ABC Corporation (your instructor will assign the specific company for the case study at the beginning of Module/Week 3) in the case section of the text (e.g. Case Number 1).
A formal, in-depth case study analysis requires you to utilize the entire strategic management process. Assume your group is a consulting team asked by the ABC Corporation to analyze its external/internal environment and make strategic recommendations. You must include exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations.
The case study must include these components: 10–12 pages of text plus the exhibits Cover page (must include the company name, your group name, a list of the active team members and the
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Causes are important, not effects. Once the SWOT Analysis is created, each group needs to construct the SWOT Bivariate Strategy Matrix.
Deliverables for this section include: SWOT Analysis Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix SWOT Bivariate Strategy Matrix BCG Matrix (follow the Strategy Club’s template, not the textbook’s format) Competitive forces, Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), and competitor’s ratios
Deliverables for this section include: Competitive forces analysis CPM and analysis Competitor’s ratios and analyis Current and historical Financial Statements (Income Statement (I/S), Balance Sheet (B/S) and Statement of Cash Flows) from the three most current years for the firm
The financial statements must include changes (deltas) between years. Ratios from the most current and available three years with deltas and analysis Alternative strategies (giving advantages and alternatives for each) Pro-Forma Financial Statements (I/S, B/S and Statement of Cash Flows) with deltas out three years and analysis
Each year must have two columns: one with your strategy and one without your strategy. Include Pro-Forma ratios for the first year out with deltas contrasting from the most current year’s

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