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Financing Position

Financing has become a very important aspect of every college student’s life. More so, when being in charge of large amounts of currencies’ one needs to have some sort of an action plan or system ready. Have become familiarized with excel and other money management programs initiated at jobs requiring money handling I know of the mere importance of balancing. Below you will find my plan of action for the Vice President of Finance (Treasurer) position.
Plan of action
1. Time
a. Create an overall master plan that shall cover the whole semester and will display the estimated dates of future MACSUN events. This will allow us to map out the multiple periods, or/the estimated range of time used to prepare for MACSUN events; and will allow us too evenly and intelligently distribute our overall budget.
b. Timely deposit all checks to Wells Fargo bank account.
c. Keep track of all books by review them 2-4 times a week, as well as the day before an event, day of the event, and day after the event.
d. Timely report the status of accounts, at Board meetings, or through email if the information is urgent and there is no Board meeting that week
2. Journals
a. Event spending account should include condensed information on when the money was spent, when the expense was charged, the company’s name and or who purchased the items, what was bought and for what reason, and how much was spent.
b. Keep an accounting journal, both in paper and online using the GnuCash

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